Advance Directives

An Advance Directive combines in a single document what were formerly called a “living will” and a “health care power of attorney.” A lawyer is not required to execute these documents.

A consortium of interested Virginia organizations established this website to provide information about Advance Directives:
Although a particular form is not required, this site provides several forms, including the VHHA form (for Virginia Hospital and HealthCare Association), which is very easy to use.
Another excellent source is
The Virginia State Bar association compiled a comprehensive collection of links to forms and explanatory information for their Healthcare Decisions Day April 16, 2016. It has now been expanded to “Health Care Decisions Week,” which begins April 16, 2017. This site has numerous links and other resources. 

In Virginia, Advance Directives can be stored at a state registry website operated by a non-profit organization, "ConnectVirginia." The site, requires that you choose a username and password. It is part of the U.S. Living Will Registry ( and is available to your health care providers if you give your permission.  

Another form of Advance Directive, called "Five Wishes," is available from a non-profit organization, Aging with Dignity “Five Wishes” goes into greater detail by allowing you to select your wishes for care at the end of life and funeral services after death. The form requires two witnesses, does not have to be notarized, and is legal in 42 states including Virginia. 


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