Each year we conduct a survey of either cemeteries or funeral homes. We inquire about prices of various services and publish the results. Our purpose is to encourage planning for end-of-life arrangements and to serve as a ready resource in the event of an unexpected death of a family member.


Below are the surveys we conduct each year of services and prices charged by cemeteries and funeral homes in the Northern Virginia area.

 Information on other aspects of death and dying:

 - Medical Treatment When Death Is Near
 - Explanation of Advance Directives and How to Prepare Yours
 - Disposition of Your Body When You Die
 - Assembling the Information Your Survivors Will Need to Know
 - Assigning Power of Attorney to Another Person (or Persons)
 - Books and Other Publications That May Be Helpful

 Catherine Ring, Vice President for Cost Surveys

This year we attempted to contact 30 funeral and cremation facilities in Northern Virginia that were part of our last funeral home survey in 2015. We sent forms by mail and email, and followed up with telephone calls to encourage their participation. Two of the 30 are no longer conducting business. Six funeral homes did not return completed survey forms, but we obtained price lists. The definition of the services to be included in the totals requested for this survey were provided to the funeral homes and can be found on the last page of the survey report. 

You will note on the summary chart that Direct Cremation services now range from $1,390 to $4,790. Immediate Burial service charges begin at $1,485 and can range to over $4,000. According to the responses, a Standard Burial and Funeral can be arranged for just over $3,500, with selection of higher priced caskets being a major determinant of additional expense. There are always other considerations, such as location, comfort and convenience in addition to the price when choosing between funeral facilities. We encourage our members to visit at least at least one funeral and cremation facility prior to making their final decision

2017 Survey of Funeral Homes                                                               
                                                                                                            2016 Survey of Cemeteries